Talent trumps tech in a sports industry grappling with disruption

It’s become a truism today to say that technology is changing everything. It is nearly impossible to get through an issue of the Economist or Harvard Business Review, or even the Hollywood Reporter, without encountering an article about how the rise of cloud computing platforms, connected devices, social media, or always on mobile access is […]

Work More Effectively by Taking Time Off

As with any busy executive, it’s hard for me to find time outside work for a personal life: hobbies, passions, relationships and all those other necessary “me time” things that make one feel like they actually have a life. It’s easy to get sucked into demanding work, and even easier, when you’re lucky enough to […]

3 Old-School Interview Rules That Definitely Still Apply

In another installment of our CEO, Pat Mastandrea’s Daily Muse column, she discusses 3 Old-School Interview Rules That Definitely Still Apply. Find the original here. Should you still bring a paper copy of your resume to an interview? What about a hard copy of a PowerPoint in case of a technology fail? Should you pull out […]

4 Red Flags You Can’t Ignore—No Matter How Badly You Want the Job

This article was written by our CEO and originally appeared on The Muse. The day has come: You’re finally interviewing at your dream company, for your dream job! It’s in the perfect industry and the role is a near perfect match for your skills and background. Plus it’ll keep you on track for your five-year plan. All […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Being Eager During the Interview Process

This article originally appeared here. It is written by our CEO, Pat Mastandrea. After having been in the executive recruitment industry long enough to see it all, there’s nothing worse than a candidate who’s all too eager for the position in question. Mostly because the person’s very qualified for the job, but ends up portraying […]

5 Ways to Know if Joining a Startup Is Worth the Risk (via Daily Muse)

No matter what stage you’re at in your career or where you’re working, the startup world is one of extraordinary promise: getting in on the ground floor, making an impact, putting your stamp on the business, being free of corporate structure and politics, and just maybe getting a huge payday a few years down the […]

College Graduates are Changing Your Company’s Headquarters

According to a recent study written up in the New York Times, college graduates are increasingly moving to less populated cities. Previously, New York, Washington DC and San Francisco had the largest migration of recent college graduates, but those cities are now being eclipsed by places like Denver, San Diego, Nashville, Salt Lake City and […]

Your Time is Within YOUR Control

In a recent LinkedIn Pulse series, professionals share what they’d do differently — and keep the same – if they knew at 22 years old what they know now. Arianna Huffington claims she wish she’d known that there is enough time in your life for everything important.  “You will make the time for the things […]

The 2 Most Important Questions to ask Regarding your Digital Footprint

It’s become common practice that the first thing you do before meeting someone new (whether it be a date, business contact or courtesy meeting) is google the person. In fact, it’s so commonplace in this day and age of the digital footprint, that people will even open a meeting with “so I googled you and […]

3 Keys to Interview Etiquette from a C-Level Executive Search Firm

The content industry today is an active one (for obvious reasons). As new forms of media become the norm, new jobs arise and, hence, the need for new recruitment tools relating to the future of Media, Entertainment, Publishing etc. It is not abnormal that you will work with an executive search team at some point […]

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